Wildlife Safari and Tours in Africa

At Uprise Travel, we aim to dispel the myth that East and Southern Africa are the only destinations for wildlife travelers in Africa. Our tours in West Africa include outdoor adventure tours, safaris, birdwatching tours, boat tours, hikes, and more. Whether you are looking for birds, elephants, chimps, baboons, hippos, or crocodiles, West Africa has something for you!

Wildlife exploration and conservation are two of the main reasons that Uprise Travel exists today. As the son of a park ranger who grew up with the elephants and baboons in Mole National Park, leading amazing wildlife tours will always be one of my top priorities.
Musah Alhassan
co-founder and head tour guide

Walk with elephants in Ghana’s Mole National Park

Climb to the tallest waterfall in West Africa at Wli

See chimpanzees in River Gambia National Park

Walk with Lions at Fathala Reserve in Senegal

Search for birds in Senegal’s Sine Saloum Delta

See rhinos, giraffes, and more at Bandia Reserve in Senegal


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1 Day

One-Day Tamale Tour and Mole National Park Safari

Enjoy a Tamale tour and a Mole National Park safari in one full day!

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12 days/11 nights

Ghana Birdwatching and Wildlife

Highlighting Ghana's best national parks and reserves, this tour provides a comprehensive introduction to the birds and wildlife of the region.

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3 days/2 nights

Ghana Safari Package

Visit the crown jewel of Ghana’s national park system, Mole National Park. Mole is home to elephants, baboon, antelope, warthogs, vervet monkeys, and more, Mole. Combine this trip with Coastal Ghana Explorer or Volta Explorer.

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3 days/2 nights

Volta Explorer

This three-day adventure through the hills of Ghana’s lush Volta Region is perfect for hikers, nature lovers, and explorers.

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9 days/8 nights

Southern Ghana: Nature and Culture

This sweeping journey covers the highlights of Southern Ghana from east to west.

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5 days/4 nights

Northern Ghana Adventure

This five-day tour of northern Ghana takes you off the beaten path, down dusty dirty roads across the north of Ghana.

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8 days, 7 nights

Gambia and Senegal Birdwatching and Wildlife

Adventure up rivers and wander through mangrove swamps as you go farther up the Gambia River.

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9 day/8 nights

Ghana: North to South

North to South is the perfect tour for first-time Ghana travelers.

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