Whether you are going down the street or to the other side of the world, traveling has inherent risks. Luckily, the human spirit is adventurous enough to overcome the fear of those risks to seek the rewards of going new places and trying new things. So how do we keep you safe as you venture out into the world?
“Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit.”
Sarah Parish

We built safety into our company values.
In recognition of the fact that safe and happy clients are the type of clients we want to travel with, we made safety a core part of who we are. Safety is not an afterthought at Uprise Travel, but rather is a key factor in making a range of decisions including where we stay, where we eat, what activities we do, what vendors we choose, what cars we drive, how we train our staff, and more. In making safety an integral part of who we are, we hope to keep our guests safe and happy for many years to come.

We stay informed.
Information is a key component to running a safe multinational tour company, which is why we regularly monitor advisories and reports from the US State Department, OSAC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as many local news outlets. We consistently update our itineraries and travel plans in response to safety concerns in places where we travel. We also regularly debrief on issues of safety with our guides, drivers and vendors who often have the most up-to-date information on issues affecting safety on our tours.

We identify risks involved with every activity on every trip.
Every step of every tour that we run has been analyzed to identify any specific safety risks in order to prevent them before they ever occur. Our comprehensive risk management plans include every imaginable risk from small scrapes that require a band-aid to large traumatic accidents that require evacuation. We have never had a serious injury on one of our tours, but that doesn’t stop us from planning for them everyday.

We train our guides and drivers in safety and evacuation procedures.
Before any guide leads a tour for Uprise, they have already gone through a multi-day training that addresses preventing and responding to incidents on tours. We aim to provide our guides with the resources they need to be most helpful in managing a difficult situation. From food poisoning and allergic reactions to auto accidents and strong ocean currents, our staff have thought extensively about the range of incidents that could occur on an Uprise tour, and know what they would do to respond. Some of our guides have also undergone specific medical training, including First Aid and CPR through the West African Rescue Association, as well as Wilderness First Responder courses.