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Many tourists find the quiet, sleepy country of Togo to be a welcome reprieve from its bustling, often overwhelming neighbors. From the outside looking in, Togo’s politics may seem unstable, and the country has been the subject to many travel warnings in the past, but the reality on the ground is a completely different story. We find Togo to be charming, relaxing, and welcoming as ever. As one of Africa’s smallest countries, it’s pretty easy to get a complete Togo experience in a short stay. Come see for yourself!

What to expect

Hospitality in Togo varies widely depending on where you go. The capital city offers luxurious hotels, palm-lined beaches, and delicious French-inspired cuisine. Northern Togo is for adventurers only, so be prepared for long drives, limited WiFi, and pounding heat. Don’t expect to see dozens of tourists forming cues outside the attractions. Togo is way off the beaten path!

Tips for travel

The best time of year to visit Togo is from November to March, during the dry season. However, Togo’s wet season is fairly mild and is often an ideal time to visit when hotel prices are low and tourists sites are quieter. We can deliver amazing tours in Togo any time of year.

Population: 7.9 million

Language: French, Ewe, Kabiyé

Capital City: Lomé

Currency: West African CFA franc

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Our favorite places in Togo


This quiet town nestled into the hills adjacent to Ghana’s Volta Region will provides a welcomed escape from the heat and the bustle of Lome. Here you can hike to various waterfalls and relax in the cooler climate.


Hardly a bustling city when compared to the capitals of its neighbors, Lome offers palm-lined beaches, a range of luxury hotels, and arguably the best cuisine in this part of West Africa.

Tamberma Castle

If you can brave the trip to the distant north, check out this UNESCO World Heritage site that is still lived in by the clans that settled the region centuries ago. History buffs and culture lovers won’t be disappointed.

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