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At Uprise Travel, we design cultural black heritage tours for members of the African diaspora, and for students of Africa looking to dig deeper into West African history and culture.

We don’t pretend to create inspirational homecoming moments for our guests, but we promise to design tours that allow our guests to safely and comfortably dig into their ancestral culture and history.

Many of our clients of African descent will do DNA testing before their arrival in West Africa in order to choose their itinerary based on their specific ancestry, while others choose trips based for other personal reasons.


“Helping members of the African diaspora to learn about their roots is one of the most important tasks I have as a tour guide in Ghana, and as a tour operator in West Africa. When someone asks me to plan their cultural heritage experience, it is a privilege and an honor.”
cultural heritage tours
Musah Alhassan
Co-founder & C.E.O

Check out some of the activity options for our pre-packaged and customized cultural heritage tours:

cultural heritage tours

Stand at the “door of no return” in Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site where thousands of captive slaves passed through on their journeys to the Americas.

cultural heritage tours

Stand at the “door of no return” on Goree Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the home to the House of Slaves.

cultural heritage tours

Explore the history of the Ashanti Kingdom and colonialism at the palace of the Asante Henne, the chief of the Ashantis.

cultural heritage tours

Descend to the basement of the Slave House of Togo, in Agbodrafo.

cultural heritage tours

Explore Kunta Kinteh Island on the Gambia River.

Available Cultural Heritage Tours

cultural heritage tours
9 days/8 nights

Ghana Cultural Heritage Tour

This immersive journey explores southern Ghana, including tours of two UNESCO World Heritage slave castles.

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